If your business offers a stationary bar, customers have to approach your counter to request a drink. That means that you may miss out on alcohol sales when people are wrapped up in other activities. Instead of waiting for thirsty customers to come to you, take the drinks to them with a mobile beer bike in Bonner, MT. Not only will a bike deliver cold beer to where the people are, but it will also do a great job of capturing their attention.

Unique Design

A beer-delivering bike isn’t something that you see every day. Our Coaster Draft Freighter is a three-wheeled bike with a portable beer cooler mounted on the back. For anyone who’s not used to seeing twin taps being pedaled around town, this unique design will automatically serve as an eye-catching sight.

Printed Sides

To make your bike even more unforgettable, you can add custom decals to the panels of your cooler. The generous side surfaces are just right for adding color, logos and important information about your bar services. When customers see your mobile bar’s printed panels, they’ll know exactly what your bike is all about.

Rocking Sound

What’s a bar without music? Even your mobile beer bicycle can play the catchy tunes that people want to hear. The notes rocking out of your bike’s portable Bluetooth speakers will draw thirsty customers toward your drink services.

LED Lights

When night starts to fall, beer services don’t have to stop. Colorful under-bike lighting will ensure that customers keep noticing your portable beer taps. For even more eye-catching power, the LED lights are capable of changing color, and you can control them with a handy remote.

People want beer, and you can get it to them with a mobile beer bike in Bonner, MT. It’s hard for beer lovers to say no to a frosty drink that’s poured straight from an eye-grabbing Coaster Draft Freighter.

We build unique beer bicycles and other three-wheeled vehicles to meet the needs of your business. To learn more about the Coaster Draft Freighter and our other bicycle models, visit the website.

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