For many women, their breasts are extremely important and help define their identity as a woman. When cancer interferes with the breast tissue it can be an experience that challenges confidence and causes frustration and sadness. Fortunately, breast reconstruction is an option for many women, restoring confidence and helping women to love the way they look once again.

After breast reconstruction, that favorite bra you loved before probably won’t fit the same way you remember, making bra shopping a whole new experience. After breast surgery, you deserve the very best in comfort and support. ABC mastectomy bras are the very best for the post-surgical woman.

Minimize or Prevent Pain from Physical Imbalance
In addition to being functional and comfortable, this type of bra with a breast form will help you be more balanced. ABC mastectomy bras can help you prevent neck and back pain and allow you to enjoy good posture. Another advantage of a well-made bra is that it simply looks natural. As a result, you can feel confident that when you are in public, you will feel and look professional and attractive.

Feminine, Fashionable and Pretty
These mastectomy bras restore your natural shape and hold your breast form securely, helping you feel good about the way you look. They combine all the style and luxury you would expect from beautiful lingerie with many smart design features to guarantee you comfort all day long. You can choose from trusted everyday styles so that you can lead a fuller, richer life after breast surgery.

Post-mastectomy bras are designed with a pocket on the inside of the bra cup. This pocket is designed to hold your breast prosthesis in place. Additionally, there are design features that allow for the added weight of a silicone breast form. There are a variety of bras available because there are a variety of women.

Finding the Right Bra
Finding the right style of bra is essential and even more so after your breast surgery. These mastectomy bras come in styles to suit every stage of recuperation and beyond.

ABC Mastectomy bras are designed to give you comfort and style after you have gone through a very difficult mastectomy.

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