For anyone who owns the DJI Mavic Pro, you know that it’s one of the best drones on the market today. It zooms through the air easily, can capture amazing video footage, and has all the features you could imagine. But, you can make the Mavic ever better by having some of the more advanced accessories out there. We’re going to give you the information about some of our favorites below.

Film Filters

If you’re a fan of taking video or photos with your Mavic Pro, having a set of filters can change your life. You can prevent overexposure, limit the light that the camera picks up, and more. Neutral density filters are the most common choice and you can often pick up a set of six different filters in a single pack. For anyone who wants to take serious video, give these a shot.

Sun Shade

Another of the more popular DJI Mavic Pro accessories are sunshades. If you enjoy flying your drone outdoors when the sun is bearing down on you, you’ve probably experienced problems with glare. A sunshade takes care of that problem, giving you the ability to see everything on your monitor.

Landing Gear Extension

Landing gear extensions are another great option for DJI Mavic Pro accessories. These will raise your drone five centimeters higher and also act as a shock absorber for bumpy landings. One of the perks of this accessory is that it tends to be inexpensive. It’s also extremely lightweight, so you don’t have to be worried about the extension dropping your flight time.

Range Extender

One of the more unique accessories out there for the Mavic Pro is the range extender. What these do are letting your Mavic go farther, providing you with a stronger connection to the drone, and allowing live feedback. Do bear in mind that you should make sure of any rules in your location regarding how far away you can fly a drone.

Carrying Case

Now that you have a kit full of great accessories, you’re going to need something to put it all in. A carry case is just the ticket. We suggest looking for one with a foam interior to protect your drone and everything else you bring along on your flights. Many cases allow you to cut your own holes for whatever accessories you need to store.

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