Buying your very first airsoft gun? Here are a few important tips from Airsoft Squared on how to choose the right one.

Assess Your Role

What do you need the gun for? What’s your role? Do you want to use it for target practice or do you want to attend games and events? If you want to practice your shooting skills or improve your aim, you’ll want to go with a gas-powered sidearm, most likely an Airsoft glock, out of all the airsoft guns available to you because it simulates the experience of firing a real weapon the best.

However, if your only goal is to participate in games, then you’ll want to look at the standard roles in airsoft and which one likely fits in with your skills and talents.

Commander. You’ll need an AEG piece, one that allows you to fire at a rapid rate. Accuracy is also important so a fully automatic that helps you aim properly is also a good choice. An assault rifle should also be on your list of airsoft guns to choose from.

Rifleman. This is a good role for a beginner so if that’s you, getting an M4 or G36 or even the AK47 is a good move.

Marksman or Sniper. This one has got to have long-range shooting skills. If you’re the Hawkeye in your group, you qualify. You’ll want rifles like the VSR-10 or Bar-10—guns that provide plenty of spring. This is a pretty expensive role and limits what you can do when you’re out in the field as well. So if you’re a beginner, better stay away from this one.

Gunner. Go with SAWs or Squad Automatic Weapons. Make sure you avoid the spray and pray tactic as this won’t earn you much respect and esteem out on the field. Instead, practice to make sure your targets hit. A burst of 2 seconds is the maximum magazine rate of fire allowable. Any longer and you could end up hurting someone in the game.

Consider the Price

How much should you spend for an airsoft gun? The best piece of advice, though, is to save up for the right gun. Going for the cheapest one won’t give any tactical training benefit or even let you enjoy a good game. The right gun will do wonders for your shooting accuracy and performance though so go with that instead of the lowest-price option offered.

Airsoft GI sells a great collection of airsoft guns. Browse through our online catalog for different models and designs. For product or service inquiries, call us up today!

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