When it comes to your firearm, adding on accessories, such as a magazine extension, can be a great plus. While some people assume that magazine extensions will cause the gun to be more conspicuous and even bulkier, this is not the case with all magazine extensions. For example, a G43 mag extension can not only give you the extra ammunition that you need, but they can also be quite comfortable to handle as well.

Why You Should Use A Magazine Extension

If you ever have to use your weapon, having those extra rounds may really come in handy. The last thing you want is to be in a life or death situation where you are unable to fully protect yourself because you ran out of ammunition. Furthermore, having a magazine extension can also help you grip your weapon even more securely. Having a better grip means having more control, thus allowing you to shoot better.

Test Thoroughly

While there are lots of benefits to having a magazine extension on your weapon, it is important that you make sure there aren’t any issues with round feeding. The last thing you want is to be in a compromising position where you need the extra rounds but the gun jams. Extensions such as the G43 mag extension can be purchased via an aftermarket seller or directly from the gun manufacturer.

Before you purchase a magazine extension or base plate, do some research first since some that come from the manufacturer may not always be legal, can be more difficult to find, and also be expensive. However, there are lots of base plates available through an aftermarket that can be quite affordable and easily accessible. Just know that all extensions are not made equally and may not work well with your particular firearm, so performing an extensive test is imperative.

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