Out of all the many varieties of jewelry on the market, diamond jewelry is very likely the favorite among buyers. As the hardest substance known to man, diamonds have many uses but their most well-known one is in the design of beautiful jewelry. They are used in all different types of jewelry, from wedding and engagement rings to watches.

What Type Of Diamond Is Used For Diamond Jewelry?

Diamonds are originally obtained through natural processes, but under the right conditions, they can be replicated with success in the laboratory. For a diamond to be suitable for use in jewelry, they must be tested and measured according to certain factors often known as the Four C’s. These Four C’s are:

-Carat. The official term for the weight of a diamond. One way that diamond jewelry is categorized is by the number of carats the diamonds it contains have.

-Color. Diamonds are known for being a whitish or clear color. They can also come in other colors, including black, yellow, and brown, or chocolate. The purity of the diamond’s color will decide how valuable the jewelry it is used for will be.

-Cut. The way a diamond is cut can vary greatly, and it is important for it to be cut in a manner that will show it off to its greatest advantage. The more expert and skillful the cut of the diamond, the more valuable it will be.

-Clarity. If a diamond is to be used in jewelry, it must be free from any imperfections and blemishes that will mar its appearance.

What Varieties Of Diamond Jewelry Are Available?

Jewelry is worn in many different ways, and jewelry made with diamonds is no exception. One of the exciting things about diamond jewelry is that it comes in many styles, sizes, and colors. This means that you are sure to find a piece that will suit you exactly. Here are some of the many types of jewelry featuring diamonds that you can find:

-Earrings. Studs, hoops, dangling earrings, and more designer styles.
-Wedding bands.
-Engagement rings.
-Unique and stylish hip hop jewelry.
-Diamond heart necklaces.
-Watches for ladies and gentlemen.
-Jewelry using black diamonds
-Pendants, shaped like circles, crosses, and more.
-Fashion rings
-Children’s Jewelry, including pretty earrings and sparkling pendants in fun shapes.
-Evil Eye Jewelry
-Body jewelry
-Pearl diamond jewelry
Vintage fine estate jewelry to help you capture the sophistication of decades past in your fashion choices.

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