Though it is recently gaining mainstream popularity, the art and practice of ear stretching have been around for a very long time. This is a custom that can be traced back to both men and women in indigenous cultures like those found in The Americas, Asia, Europe, and Africa to name a few. Most typically the original materials used for this type of piercing were all natural and organic such as different types of wood, carved pieces of bone, or even animal horn. The motives for using these types of materials vary, but the most obvious reason would be due to the ease in which they could be attained.

Patience is an Ear Stretching Virtue

Ear piercing tunnels or plugs can be a fantastic mode of self-expression, but it is not a decision to be made impulsively. Ear stretching is not a fast process, and depending on the gauge size you wish to achieve this could take months or even years to reach the desired effect. Needless to say, during this process patience is a key element in having a positive ear stretching experience. It is also wise to consider taking your time finding the perfect jewelry for your specific personality and beliefs.

Some Different Types of Ear Tunnels, Plugs, and Gauges:

  • Screw Fit Surgical Steel Ear Plugs
  • Tribal Filigree Ear Tunnels
  • Silicon Ear Tapers
  • Acrylic Ear Tapers
  • Natural Stone Tunnels and Plugs
  • Single Flare Ear Plugs
  • Double Flare Ear Plugs
  • Surgical Steel Spiral Tapers
  • Tribal Shield Ear Gauges

Self-Expression that is Uniquely You

Take into consideration your own personal needs when deciding on what material to use, and from there check out the options available for that specific material. Whether you are in an advanced stage of your ear stretching process and are in need of a taper to assist you in making your ears a little bigger, or just starting out, you will be sure to find everything you need by utilizing websites such as Using the internet to research and purchase the specific styles you are looking for is extremely helpful in maintaining a positive stretching experience, right down to a look that is uniquely you.

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