One piece of attire that you will need when taking part in airsoft gun sporting activities is a Molle vest. The word actually stands for Modular Lightweight Load-bearing Equipment and is it widely used by soldiers in the battlefield. It is designed to offer maximum protection as well as allow you to carry various items with a minimum weight and space.

Here are facts on the how Molle Vest Works?

Setting it up

The first thing that you need to do before wearing this vest is modify length of the back strap to suit your body size. Secondly, you need to adjust the length of the ruck straps that are using the buckles. Lock the male and female girth closures until they click then slide your arms into the armholes to wear it and you are ready for action.

Attaching Pockets

You can attach more than ten pockets on the vest lining for carrying items that you will need in the sporting activity. One of the best ways of doing this is by carefully inserting the pockets that you intend to use behind the inner webbing. To hold each of the pockets in position, it is recommendable to ensure that the strap gets in contact with the snap fastener that is found on the lower side of the pocket then use the military grade snaps to hold them in position.

Items to Carry in the Pockets

There is a limit on the weight of the items that you can carry in the pockets. Hence, it is imperative to check the size and weight of each item that you intend to put in the pockets. Note that the total weight of the vest when loaded can affect your performance in the sport.

These are the most crucial facts that you need to know about how to use a Molle vest. Make sure that you adhere to them to get the best experience.

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