Cake decorating is an artform that gets better with practice. One way to embellish your cakes and create stunning works of art is by using gumpaste cutters. These cutters look very similar to cookie cutters but they include more details that wouldn’t show up as easily on cookies. In addition, gumpaste cutters are stronger and more durable and can be used time and again to create beautiful and striking designs in your fondant.

Any design you choose

The design options are almost limitless when it comes to using gumpaste cutters in your fondant. You can create everything from stars and hearts to lace and animal shapes. You can purchase gumpaste cutters in seasonal prints such as Christmas tree and candy cane shapes. This is perfect for celebrating the holidays with beautifully decorated cakes and cookies. No matter what design you select, you will enjoy creating the perfect designs in your fondant that truly make your baked creations stand out.

How to use gumpaste cutters

There are three main types of gumpaste cutters which include standard fondant cutters, plunger cutters, and ribbon cutters. All categories of gumpaste cutters can be used in the same way to create beautiful designs. There are some basic supplies you will need to have handy in order to make the perfect designs out of your fondant. The supplies you should have on hand when cutting shapes out of your fondant include:

  • Rolling pin or fondant roller
  • A small mat
  • Fondant cutters or cookie cutters
  • Powdered sugar
  • Vegetable shortening
  • A paring knife

Once you have assembled all of your supplies, you can then move forward with warming up the fondant by kneading it out. After it has been warmed up in this way, it will be smoother and more workable. If it has become too dry, a bit of shortening can work wonders in helping to soften it a bit. After this, you will be ready to use your gumpaste cutters to create some amazing designs.

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