One of the great things about buying your baking and candy making supplies from N.Y. Cake is that home bakers have access to the same tools and equipment used by professional bakers across the country.

Using professional quality silicone and polycarbonate chocolate molds can prevent a lot of the stress and distress that is common when using cheap quality molds from your local department stores. Quality molds are made from quality materials, which means they last longer and are easier to work with for small to large volume chocolate production.

To get started with making your own chocolates using your favorite chocolate molds, here are a few basic tips that are often overlooked by those just starting out.

Quality Chocolate

While this may seem basic, choosing the best possible quality of chocolate is always important in a mold. Poor quality chocolates tend to melt and cool unevenly, which can make it difficult to release the chocolates from the mold and have them keep their shape.

Additionally, poor quality chocolate can be grainy, or it can have additives in the chocolate that make it harder to work with. The cheaper chocolates often harden much faster, making it challenging to get the melted chocolate into the mold before some hardening starts on the surface.

Do Not Overfill

For both flat molds and three-dimensionalchocolate molds, it is important not to overfill the mold. When this happens, the chocolate will have a ridge around the edge when it is removed from the mold. This ridge can be removed with a sharp knife, but it takes longer, and it is not practical with high volume types of chocolate making.

It is possible to decorate chocolates after they are out of the mold. There are even options to use different colors of chocolate in the mold, but for this to create an effective look each layer must harden completely before adding the next.

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