Choosing a jewelry store in Columbus to shop from is a delicate process. It’s just about the most expensive thing that you’re going to be buying that you don’t actually “need”. Healthcare, car repairs, these are all expensive things that a person is forced to buy, known as inelastic products. Jewelry, on the other hand, is an elastic product, meaning, like video games or movie tickets, they are something that consumers voluntarily choose to buy because they want to. Since jewelry stores sell some of the most expensive elastic products out there, they are in a particular position, and you as a consumer should be savvy about who you choose to go with. Here are a few tips to make sure you end up at the right store.

Are They Certified?

This is pretty much the first step you should be checking for, not only with jewelry stores, but with any profession that has any sort of state accreditation process. Technically, in most states, a store is not legally required to be accredited; that said, if a store does not have proper credentials, then that is a very bad sign, and you should leave immediately. Either they have very subpar service, or they are involved in something sketchy.

What is Their Reputation?

Find out what others think of the service that the store has rendered to them. If there are reviews online, check the reviews. If the store offers references, try giving them a call. You probably have friends who have purchased jewelry in the area: ask them about their experiences, whether they’ve had particularly good or particularly bad experiences at any of the local jewelry shops. In all, try every avenue you can to determine a store’s reputation.

How Professional Are They?

In any customer service experience, your most useful tool is simply your instinct. What kind of an impression do you get from them when you enter their store? Do they seem warm and welcoming, or dismissive? Do they have their paperwork and service organized, or are they sloppy? How they present their service has a great deal to do with how well they will be able to serve you. If the proprietors are composed and professional, you can probably trust them.

One parting note: regardless of how trustworthy a shop seems, always do your homework. Never buy anything without doing a bit of research first: compare the costs at one shop with other shops in the area, and shops online. Even something on a supposed sale might actually turn out to be more expensive than its counterparts at other vendors.

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