In Canada, as well as in many countries around the world, quilting is a passion for many people. Quilts are often custom designed for a particular person, and they become a treasured possession that is passed down through generations.

There are online specialty stores that offer a wide range of kits, fabrics, sewing notions and everything else needed for quilting. For those who may just want to buy the finished product, Runaway Quilting is a great place to find beautiful, ready to use or give quilts for sale.

Like any type of quality bedding or blanket, choosing the best quality of quilts for sale is always important. There are mass-produced quilts available at most big box home stores, but these are very different in quality from a quilt lovingly made by hand.

Check the Material

When considering quilts, look for the best quality fabric. Most top quilters use 100% cotton material to create the quilt, but different designs and options may also include a variety of other fabrics and accent elements. Microfiber and wool quilts are also popular, and they are very durable. Wool may require additional care for cleaning, which is also important when selecting quilts for sale.

Ideally, the quilting material on a single quilt should all be the same. Mixing fabrics on a quilt can result in the fabric puckering and stretching during washing and drying. For quilts for children, the ability to wash and dry the quilt easily at home is always a factor.

Warmth Factor

Quilts can be made to be very warm and comfortable, which is ideal for cold winters in Canada. These quilts will have a high GSM or grams per square meter rating.

This is not the same as the loft of the quilt, which is the fluffy interior filling. Cheap quilts tend to use low-quality fillers that go flat over time, while the better quality quilts will stay fluffy and nice and thick throughout their use.

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