Whether you’re carrying items to work or to the gym, you need a tote bag large enough to carry everything you need. While a canvas bag or a briefcase may be suitable in some situations, a leather tote bag is a fashionable solution for any of your needs. Leather tote bags come in a variety of shapes and colors, so they will also look great no matter where you are going.

Goes with You

Nice leather, or even faux leather, tote bags are a perfect solution for taking files from work home with you if you don’t want to carry a briefcase. While briefcases can be nice to have, you may not need that much space when you bring work home, or you may not need it on an everyday basis. In addition, they are too easy to forget for some people, because they will set their briefcases down on the train or bus, and then leave them behind when disembarking at their stop.

“Mom Bags”

Nice leather tote bags also make for great “Mom bags,” because you can carry much more than your wallet, comb and cell phone. They have deep pockets, so you can carry tissues, binkies, small toys and snacks to keep your little ones occupied when you are out running errands. Some of them are also large enough to act as both a handbag and a small diaper bag to carry necessities if you don’t want to carry both bags with you.

Although you can buy tote bags made from a variety of materials, leather tote bags have a more high-end fashionable look to them and they are generally more rugged, so they will last for several years. In addition, you can wear anything from your gym clothes to a work suit, and the tote won’t look out of place when you carry it.

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