Jazzy Boba has come upon the e-liquid market with variations of the popular Boba Tea. Jazzy Boba was originally created in Miami, Florida and is currently manufactured out of Los Angeles, California. When trying for a unique flavor, this company hit the mark! There are no other flavors out on the e-juice market quite like the Jazzy Boba line. Every flavor they carry continues their popularity, with only one taste needed for you to understand why everyone keeps talking about amazing flavors from Jazzy Boba.

Jazzy Boba E-Juice

Jazzy Boba flavor e-juice has a blend of 70/30, perfect for dippers and tanks alike. This e-juice flavor is one which has hit the e-liquid industry by storm, winning Best in Show “Florals and Spices” for the 2015 Vape Summit Awards. Jazzy Boba has a taste of creamy Boba milk tea with just a hint of jasmine, making this an exceptional e-juice for all day vaping. While this e-juice is sweet, it is not too sweet; creamy, but with a light floral flavor. There is no other company able to match this flavor, making Jazzy Boba unique in this industry.

Flavors That Keep You Coming Back

There are some other awesome flavors in the Jazzy Boba line, which include Dewwey Boba, Manggo Boba, and Thai Boba. Just as Jazzy Boba did, these flavors bring a unique taste to the world of vaping. Dewwey Boba has a flavor of creamy Boba milk tea with honeydew melons, making this e-juice irresistible to vapers. Manggo Boba uses the same creamy Boba milk tea as the other liquids but adds juicy sweet mangos to it instead. Thai Boba has creamy Boba milk tea, same as the rest, along with a combination of sugar, honey, tapioca pearls, and Thai tea leave extracts.

No matter what flavor Jazzy Boba flavor chose, be ready for a unique vaping experience.

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