Cake pops have become incredibly popular in America. Offering a deliciously bite-sized treat that can be dressed up for any occasion, these treats started out as specialties in bakeries and are now available everywhere from coffee shop chains to school bake sales.

Want to make some perfect pops of your own? Here’s your start-up guide to making this deliciously delicate dessert.

Pick Your Pop Mold

One of the first things you will need to make perfect cake pops is a specialized cake pop pan or mold. There are two styles of molds to choose from, depending on how you intend to make your pops. These include:

  • Candy mold or non-oven-safe plastic mold: When cake pops were first popularized, the format was one of mixing crumbled cake crumbs with icing and forming a thick, paste-like substance. Using one of these less-expensive, thin plastic or silicone molds, the mixture is forced into a specific shape and chilled to achieve the desired effect. If you’re looking for that extra-sweet, typical cake pop taste, this is the mold for you.

  • Oven-safe cake pop pan: This type of pan allows you to pour small amounts of batter into an oven-safe mold and bake your mini cakes into a pretty pop shape in one single step. For those who prefer a more traditional cake flavor or don’t enjoy the idea of hand-molding your pops, this is a great option.

Which Format is Better?

Truly, there is no perfect way to make a cake pop. Judge by your family or guests’ specific tastes, your recipe’s needs and other individual factors to choose the right mold. The best way to prepare for whatever type of cake pops you choose to make? Stop by your favorite baking supplier and buy a few of each type of mold! With a little practice and a patient hand, you’ll soon be making delicious treats for your family, friends and anyone else who wants a bite.

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