If you had two rings in front of you, one moissanite and the other a mined diamond, it is very likely you could not tell them apart. That is even the case if you have experience with diamond certifications and a trained eye. When it comes to moissanite vs diamond, both options are very valuable, beautiful, and worth your attention.

Equal Quality Makes This a Hard Decision

As you consider moissanite vs diamond, one of the most important things people ask is if the moissanite is lower quality or any less beautiful than a natural diamond. It is hard to say that is true because these stones are incredibly beautiful and offer very similar features, thanks in part to their physical and chemical makeup. It may be quite difficult for anyone to say that moissanite does not offer the same quality.

Then Why Moissanite?

There are a number of key reasons to select moissanite over a natural diamond. First, unlike natural diamonds, moissanite is not mined but made in a lab. There are no people who are working in unsafe conditions to access these stones. Additionally, they are not being pulled from the ground, which means they are a more sustainable option overall. Still, moissanite is also more affordable with the same level of brilliance and quality.

Both moissanite vs diamond rings are worthy of comparison. There is no doubt that either choice will make a stunning addition to anyone’s finger or around their neck.

Both moissanite and lab grown diamond make for amazing engagement rings and whichever gemstone you choose Lily Arkwright has a bespoke ring design service for those who want something truly unique.

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