If leather furniture becomes stained, the inside of an office may not have the professional appearance that a business owner desires. By completing the project below, furniture pieces will be restored to their original state. Applying a leather conditioner to clean leather will provide furniture with a soft and supple texture and will prevent material from becoming cracked or faded.


     *     vacuum cleaner with a ;hose attachment

     *     mild detergent

     *     water

     *     spray bottle

     *     white vinegar

     *     lint-free cleaning cloths

     *     leather conditioner

     *     buffing pad

Removing Loose Debris And Stains

A vacuum cleaner’s hose can be used to collect loose pieces of dirt from leather. Afterward, a basic cleaning agent can be prepared by mixing equal amounts of mild detergent and water and adding them to a spray bottle. Once stains have been treated, a lint-free cleaning cloth can be wiped carefully over each piece to assist with removing stains. A second application of a cleaning agent may be required if stains on leather are severe. A small amount of white vinegar can be added to a cleaning agent if it is difficult to remove stains from fabric.

Buffing Leather

A damp cloth that is moved over leather will remove a cleaning agent. A few drops of leather conditioner can be added to a buffing pad and applied to clean leather. Moving a pad around in small circles will assist with administering leather conditioner. After a few minutes have passed, excess conditioner can be removed from leather by wiping a fresh cloth over each piece of furniture.

New Office Furniture in Lancaster PA will continue to retain its value as long as the fabric is cared for on a consistent basis. An individual who owns Office Furniture in Lancaster PA that is made out of leather will be able to provide their office with a professional and comfortable atmosphere by completing the proper cleaning steps. Leather furniture can be protected from stains by placing a clear cover over each piece. This type of cover will make it convenient to wipe up spills and will not destroy the beauty of leather. For additional information about leather furniture, individuals can Contact us on the website.

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