When planning your wedding, particularly for the bride and groom doing it on their own, a lot of information is provided online on how to cut costs and save money. Unfortunately, at least one are these bits of wisdom on how to save money really needs to be reconsidered.

With the ability for the consumer to now be able to deal directly with the wholesaler through online sales, recommendations such as only considering wedding table linens rental as a cost effective option are outdated. In fact, a savvy shopper that does some online comparison shopping will find that table linens from wholesalers are often cheaper than rental, plus there are additional benefits to consider as well.

Better Selection

If you are going through a wedding table linens rental company, your selection is limited to the actual styles they have available. This typically means that if you are looking for standard round or square tablecloths in traditional colors you will find what you are looking for.

However, if you have unique or uncommon wedding colors, or if you want a particular style or theme not offered by the rental company, you will have to make a choice of what is available. In the busy summer wedding season, you may even experience challenges in getting what you want if you haven’t booked your table linens months in advance.

When buying from a wholesaler this simply won’t be a concern. They will have the stock and the styles you want, and even some unique new styles that rental companies won’t yet have available.

Better Price in the Long Run

The big advantage to buying table linens is that after the event you own them. This is not true with rental, where you pay the money, which is very close to the same as the purchase price, and then you have to arrange to have them returned.

While the wedding table linens rental company has to pass on the cost of purchase, laundering, replacement, and repair, the linen wholesalers doesn’t have to pass on these additional costs of doing business.

For many couples, buying their wedding linens and then laundering and putting them for sale online typically results in a full recovery of the initial cost of the items, particularly if they were purchased on a sale. In some cases, couples may actually make money on the sale, which certainly adds to the argument for a purchase over rental.

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