Being worried about cleaning your black diamond earrings is not uncommon. You would not wish to cause damage or cause an accident while ensuring that your earrings are perfectly clean. Because they are worn and out in the open, they are going to attract the same dirt and grime that passes through the air and is attracted to your clothing. You will clean your clothes, so why not your earrings?

Should You Revisit the Store?

Where you are completely unsure about the cleaning process for your black diamond earrings, you should return to the store where the earrings were purchased so they can show you how you can complete regular cleaning without damaging your jewelry. They will, almost certainly offer you a service where you can return twice a year to have your jewelry checked and cleaned so that it is maintained in pristine condition.

What About Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Some of your friends may be the greatest experts at cleaning their black diamond earrings. However, you may receive poor advice and this may affect the valuation of your favorite jewelry.

For every expert that suggests you use a soft toothbrush to clean your earrings, there will be others that prefer to use water and sound vibrations from an ultrasonic cleaner, so that dirt and dust is removed from your jewelry.

The expert at home advice will suggest you use hot water and soap with your toothbrush and complete the exercise with a hairdryer to leave your earrings dry.

Depending upon the quality, style and type of your diamonds, ultrasonic machines can ruin the fillings of fracture filled diamonds. Your favorite store will know and understand about these choices.

Make up and sweat can reduce the shine from your diamonds. You may not choose to use a toothbrush to clean your favorite diamonds, for fear of causing damage to the surface.

Where you clean your earrings is important, because wet hands are more likely to drop and lose your earrings. You have been warned.

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