Everyone on the streets during Mardi Gras is either tossing beads or looking for the coolest beads to catch and add to their collection. Because of that, it’s an excellent idea to choose high-quality, unique beads that are different from the ones everyone else will have. Mardi Gras is the biggest party in New Orleans and everyone knows that New Orleans likes to party as it is. To get the best beads this Mardi Gras season, follow these simple tips when you buy big beads online.

Choose Something Unique
If you don’t mind throwing the same beads as everyone else, that’s your choice. However, having a unique batch of beads can be a lot of fun. You’ll likely have more people yelling for your beads, which makes the holiday a great time for everyone. Of course, every year is a little different. One year big beads are in and another year a certain style might be. Even if you go in for the most popular option, try to choose something different. That can be color, size, or most anything else.

Throwing Quickness
For those who will be on floats, you want to consider how quick you’ll be throwing. If you are going to toss out beads every couple of seconds, you’ll need a huge amount of them. If you’re tossing them out every minute or so, then you’ll need less. This can have an impact on which beads to choose. Figure out your pace so you can make the most accurate order in advance and optimize your cost ratio.

Ease of Throwing
Those who toss beads every year probably have pretty good hand-eye coordination, which means tossing beads will be a little easier. Others might need to consider that some beads are a lot easier than others to throw. For those who are going to be walking around, you might want lighter beads that are easy to keep on you until you give them away.

It would be amazing if everyone could afford the most outlandish, biggest beads available but we all have a budget. If you plan to be on multiple parades or tossing beads from your balcony every night, you might want to go for a more economical choice. Whatever you do, keep in mind that you can often buy big beads online for a cheaper price.

Mardi Gras Beads for Less offer a huge selection of beads with everything from hand-strung options to pearls, plush, and extra large beads.

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