There are several different options to consider if you are going to buy electronic cigarettes. The most common include in convenience stores, in vaping or tobacco shops and online websites.

To understand why we recommended you buy electronic cigarettes online, let’s take a look at the options and provide information that any consumer needs to know.

Convenience Stores

For many people, their first electronic cigarettes are those cigarette-looking cartridge e-cigs that are often called disposable e cigs. Today, these are extremely low cost and come with everything you need to get started.

However, you are restricted to the flavor of e-juice sold with the e-cig, and you will need to replace the unit when the battery runs out. Some convenience stores may also offer rechargeable options and very basic starter kits, but the price is usually much more than you will pay if you buy electronic cigarettes online.

Vaping or Tobacco Shops

These specialty shops now tend to cater to more advanced e-cig systems as well as the basic starter kits, but the selection will be limited. Often there will be one or perhaps two brands offered through the shop, and your selection of e-juice will be also limited to the brands the shop carries.

With both convenience stores as well as vaping or tobacco shops, the price is going to include overhead for the store. This can add a lot of the cost of the e-cig, and if you are a serious vaper, this will add up even over a short period of time.

Online Options

Making the choice to buy electronic cigarettes online has several advantages over the other options. These include:

  • Lower prices since there is no overhead as with a traditional store.

  • Increased selection and inventory as the website can keep expanding while display space can’t.

  • Excellent assistance through blogs, articles and even in-person customer support through email or phone contact with the company.

  • Great selection of brands, options, components and different features for both starter kits as well as advanced e-cigs.

  • Refund policies in place if items are defective upon arrival.

  • Shipping right to your door, often at low cost, or even no cost if orders are over a certain dollar value.

Additionally, many of the best online sites offer actual customer reviews for all the products they sell. This is a great way to see what other vapers experience with the product, something you won’t find with any other form of purchase.

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