There are approximately as many brands of E juice on the market as there are people vaporizing them. However, you need to know what goes into a quality juice flavor. The basic ingredients are propylene glycol or propanediol, vegetable glycerin, water, and nicotine in varying levels. Flavorings are added to this base to create different categories of flavors including candy and bakery flavors, beverage flavors, cream, fruit, and nut flavors. Quality juices will have a list of their ingredients including natural and artificial flavorings. You can find E juices everywhere, from Instagram to your local vape shop and online.

So what to choose?

Picking the right E juice flavors largely comes down to your personal preference. Some people love the light refreshing taste of fruit flavors, some enjoy their favorite candy, while others will turn for traditional tobacco flavors, or something like a savory latte or a boozy margarita. You should know, however, that there are some flavors that may cause your plastic tank to break. Whichever flavor you pick, and expert at your favorite online or local store can help you pick a durable tank and coil to go with it.

Making your own

If you like, you can even be your own driptender, mixing and matching single note flavors into delicious cloudy cocktails of flavor. Building up your bar can be a tremendous source of pride and pleasure for your friends when you all get together. Wouldn’t you love to mix up a thin mint cookie juice or your own vapor version of a mint julep? If you are choosing a flavor online, it helps to take a look at the reviews, and some flavors have literally thousands of them. You can try the most popular, or you can go off the beaten path and be the first to try a new flavor from a new manufacturer.

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