Nothing wrenches your game on the water like blinding glare. Polarized fishing sunglasses block incoming horizontal light without affecting your ability to sight like a pro. The result is a glare-free, crisp view of the water and the fish you crave. There’s plenty more to love, too.

What Makes Polarized Fishing Sunglasses So Sharp and Unique?

Fishing sunglasses with polarized lenses also provide protection from harmful UV rays, shielding your eyes from lasting damage. Polarization blocks horizontal, or reflected, waves of light, effectively eliminating the sort of extreme glare that blinds you and causes irksome headaches.

Water activities and sweet sunlight are a match made in heaven. However, the latter can often rob you of precision sighting that kills your fishing prowess in seconds flat. What’s the point of booking a charter only to find you can’t see anything worth seeing? Polarized lenses solve this problem and also come in handy whenever you want to embrace bright days but not their killer glare.

More Than Polarization: Fishing Sunglasses That Float

Polarized fishing sunglasses fall short of useful if they fall off your face and sink to the ocean’s bottom. Floating sunglasses with polarized lenses boast highly durable yet lightweight frames whose density amounts to less than the water it displaces. The result is a chic, timelessly appealing pair of sunglasses that float on water, making them easy to collect if oncoming waves ever get the best of you.

Special oleophobic coating resists oil and fingerprint smudges. Dual-sided anti-fog technology ensures that lenses never steam up during moments of high humidity or sudden temperature changes. The technology automatically clears the lenses as needed, so you don’t have to constantly remove them and wipe them clean.

Hydrophobic coating causes condensation to bead off immediately, preventing blurring and diminished acuity. Anti-scratch armor resists unsightly marring or scraping as you travel, confront the elements and face the unique demands of your fishing excursions. Explore dozens of colors and multiple styles by Rheos Gear in Charleston and find your next favorite pair of polarized, floating sunglasses today at

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