Whether you have one or more children who attend preschool, you know it’s not uncommon for a child’s clothing items to get misplaced in the classroom, the gym, on the playground, etc. Many parents have found a popular solution to this problem. Discover why parents are finding stick on clothing labels useful for their preschool children.

Prevent Loss of Clothing Items

Putting a name label on a child’s jackets, shirts, pants, hats and other clothing makes it easy to identify the owner of the item. So, a teacher can pick up a hat that’s dropped out of the coat closet or a jacket left on the playground and read its label to find out who the item belongs to. This can help parents avoid purchasing replacement clothing items as well as stay clear of the lost and found bin at school.

Express Your Child’s Interests

Stick on clothing labels can be used to express your child’s interests. In short, they don’t have to be just a practical addition to a piece of clothing. Whether a child is into dogs, trucks, rainbows or dinosaurs, he or she is sure to find an appealing pack of clothing labels.

Find Clothing Items with Ease

Searching for school clothes in the morning means you may have to go through a whole basket of clean clothing. When stick on labels are attached to school clothes, it’s easier to find those items you’re looking for. This can add valuable minutes to a busy morning.

Finally, selecting stick on clothing labels is a unique and fun way to distinguish your child’s clothing from that of other children in a classroom.

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