Have you dedicated an area or room in your home to store your collection of self-defense weaponry like firearms and knives? Have you experienced an incident where your children somehow entered this particular area and now require an alternative solution to prevent accidents from occurring? Have you since acquired a heavy-duty vault for your firearms but need to store your self-defense knives in a more convenient but secure location but are unsure where you should? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then here are two places in your home to consider for your self-defense knives.

Fake Electrical Outlets

One unique place to consider storing and securing your self-defense knives is in fake electrical outlets. Keep your knives away from your small children by installing these types of outlets. Your knives will remain secure as you will need to unscrew the outlet’s face to gain access to them.

Within a Resealable Bag Inside the Toilet Tank

Another unique location to consider storing your self-defense knives is within a resealable bag inside the toilet tank. Using a resealable waterproof bag will help maintain your knife’s integrity and durability. Storing them inside your master’s toilet tank will keep them hidden away from small children.

Add This Branded Knives to Your Collection

Perhaps you have decided to add to your collection of self-defense knives since you now know where you can safely store them. You are now wondering which brand of knives you should acquire next. Procure Spyderco knives from vipertecknives.com. This brand of knives is well known for making highly durable and efficient self-defense knives that are easy to deploy when an emergency arises. So, when searching for a company that offers authentic and genuine Spyderco knives, they are the ones you can trust and rely on. Visit them online at https://www.vipertecknives.com today.

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