Printing is a great way to create logo shirts, uniforms and just about any kind of promotional apparel you require. However, there are a couple of things you need to know about printing apparels before you take the plunge.

Choose Clear, Colorful Images

The temptation to use an image you found on the internet is all too high, but these may not transfer well due to the high resolution required. While choosing artwork for your garments, avoid those with small and empty spaces that inks can bleed in to. Always go for high-resolution, crisp, and large images if you choose screen printing. In addition, a professional printer can help tighten and fix the image before transferring it to your apparel. Therefore, make sure you discuss any ideas you have with the printer and see what else will work, in case your original idea is not feasible.

Choose Embroidery

Embroidered appliques, monograms, and artwork can be done on the same items with screen printing. Embroidered apparels can include the employee’s name or your business logo. You have the option of choosing whether to embroider each employee’s initial on the sleeve of a screen printed shirt. Like screen printing, embroidery requires you to bring in samples of artwork you like and discussing options with your printer.

Colors Are Important

Are you doing shirts for a children’s baseball team? It is probably best if you stick to darker colors to ensure that stains do not stand out. If your company will be heading out for a picnic on a hot summer day, choose light-colored, loose clothing so that they can stay cooler under the sun, according to WQAD. Think about the color of the art you will have embroidered and whether it looks good against the item’s color.

Once you have made your decision regarding your print job, the printer will give you an item as proof. Check it out carefully and ensure everything you want is included. Also, make sure that the artwork is on point and the colors used are exactly as you discussed.

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