One of the most popular options for business lighting along the outside of a building to brighten walkways and to add light to open or covered types of parking areas is the use of outdoor LED wall pack lighting.

While you may not have heard the specific term for these lights, you have seen them on buildings of all types and sizes anywhere across the country or around the world. These smaller sized lights, typically with a square or rectangular shape, are mounted directly to the exterior sides of a building, pillar, fence or another type of structure.

The style of the outdoor LED wall pack lighting directs the light down to the ground and back towards the building wall. This prevents the light from shining directly out, limiting any light pollution to surrounding areas while still providing the level of light needed for security and safety.

Bright, White Light

Using other forms of outdoor lighting, particularly the older styles of sodium vapor lights, provides that familiar, somewhat dingy yellowish colored light. These lights also tend to flicker a lot and burn out quickly, requiring frequent replacement and using higher levels of energy. They also take a significant amount of time to come on, which may not provide lighting as needed.

By choosing outdoor LED wall pack lighting the business will have the advantage of bright, white light at the flick of a switch. Not only is this more effective for security reasons; but it is also a better quality of light to prevent trips, slips, and fall along exterior walkways and outdoor areas.

Cost Savings

With the use of the energy efficient LED bulbs in the outdoor wall packs, the company will save money by providing continual exterior lighting from sundown to sunrise.

Additional cost savings will be noted in the long-life cycle of the bulbs. Without the need for a filament in the bulb, they are also less prone to damage, meaning fewer replacements either due to use or damage, which adds up to a good investment for a business.

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