Whether you want a special gift for that certain someone, or you want something unique to give out to potential customers, custom chocolate coins can be your answer. Here are just some ways you can use them:

  • Trade show: No matter what the nature of your business, you can create custom chocolate for all of the visitors at your booth. People love freebies, and chocolate even more so. You can customize it with your brand logo to increase your company’s recognition.

  • Conference: Are you promoting a new product? Use custom chocolate to help get the word out. Hand them out to employees, vendors, etc. Or, you could place them on everyone’s plate if you’re having a formal dinner party.

  • Anniversary: Are you or a loved one celebrating a milestone anniversary? Nothing says ‘Happy Anniversary” like chocolate. It’s a great gift for those who already have everything. Rest assured these won’t sit on the shelf wasting away like a knick-knack or plate.

  • Birthday: Just as with a milestone anniversary, milestone birthdays can be made even more special with custom made chocolate. You can include their name and even their birthday number for all to see.

  • Marketing: Looking for a unique marketing technique? Along with your brochures, flyers and other marketing pieces, give out some chocolate as well. You’re sure to be remembered as potential customers savor the taste. Effective marketing is all about brand recognition and you’re sure to increase that with your chocolate giveaways.

  • Valentine’s Day: There is no better way to say, “I love you,” than chocolate. Include it with a gift basket of flowers and candy, or put it on your loved one’s pillow. It’s a simple yet very effective way to show how much you care.

Custom chocolate coins can be used for almost any occasion. Use your imagination to come up with some of your own special messages that won’t soon be forgotten.

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