If you are like most people, you have heard of Simmons, Serta and Sealy mattress options in Jackson, MS. It can sometimes be difficult to determine which mattresses will be better, as they all seem to be popular brands. In fact, they dominate the market, making it tough for ordinary people to make an educated decision based on their needs.

Different Names

Most people don’t realize that the mattress maker will make the same product and rename it for a particular store. Many times, they do this to make it more difficult to comparison shop, but sometimes it is because of the negotiated terms of selling to that store. However, it can be possible to compare, because the variations are subtle.

Comfort and Coils

The coils are a big part of innerspring mattresses. While quilting, stitches, cotton and foam all play a role, the coils are the main thing. Most companies get their coils from one company, whether you get a cheap one or the most expensive the store has. Therefore, it may be better not to pay attention to the brand at all, at least at first, and try various options until you find something you like.

In the past, they said you could measure comfort based on the coil number and wire gauge. However, you can have thicker coils, and fewer of them, or thinner coils with more of them, and both will be comfortable.


The firmness you need is based on your personal tastes. Someone with a “bad back” may claim one version is best, but it hurts you when you try it. Instead of focusing on what others use or prefer, take the time to test multiple mattresses until you find a firmness that fits your needs. Just remember that once you do find that firmness, the descriptor terms may not help. Something that’s listed as ultra-plush from one manufacturer may be labeled as super-soft from another one.


You will find that there are so many options when choosing a new bed, it can make your head spin. The various quilting and ticking, no-flip designs and much more can all add to the confusion. Instead of focusing on the accessories or options, find something that supports your body the way it needs to be supported for you to wake up rested and with energy.

A Sealy mattress in Jackson, MS could be the perfect fit for you. Visit Mattress Direct at to find out more about the various options available, and then make the right choice.

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