The simple cluster of gold dragees surrounding the base of a cake can have a superbly standout effect. If you are wondering where to get wonderful dragees, there is no need to look too far. Gold dragees can be found right here at We have an amazing selection of dragees that you can choose from to ensure that your cakes really stand out. Whether you are trying to enliven your cakes with simple decorations or cover more surface area, you can get the perfect set of gold dragees for your needs.

Placing your dragees gently

As you decorate your cake, it’s important to keep in mind that you should gingerly place down the gold dragees. This is so that your dragees don’t mess up your fondant and your cake can have a beautifully finished look. As you place your dragees down, you can opt to use a tweezer so that you don’t mess up the surface of your cake.

Non edible decorations

Dragees are non edible decorations that should be removed prior to eating. When creating a cake with gold dragees, it helps to let the guests know that they need to be separated from the actual cake before eating. This is to ensure everyone’s complete safety and enjoyment of your baked treats.

How to place the gold dragees

You can position the gold dragees anywhere you choose atop your cake. The first step is to roll out the fondant using a rolling pin. Once you have rolled it out, you can apply the dragees seamlessly to your cake for the best look. When your fondant has been placed, you can use the tweezers or any other method of safely applying the gold dragees to the cake.

The end result will look amazing and picture worthy and will lend your cakes some genuine sparkle and shine.

has just the right gold dragees that you are looking for. Find out more when you explore our website and place your order today.

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