Any baker knows the value of a good cake decorating turntable but at what stage does it make sense to invest in one? From the beginning, bakers just learning their craft will want to take advantage of the ease of use and simplicity that comes along with using this type of turntable. It can be used for years and years and is a durable and effective option for creating beautifully decorated cakes that are sure to impress your guests.

Which cake decorating turntable to choose?

When it comes to selecting a cake decorating turntable, there are so many options. There are raised ones, angled ones, flat ones, and even locking ones. It can be overwhelming to know which ones to choose to get just the right results in your cake decorating efforts. By examining the various cake decorating turntable options online, you can learn more about which one would work best for your cake decorating needs.

Elevated cake decorating turntable

An elevated cake decorating turntable provides a lot more elbow room when it comes to decorating a cake. It is one of the best ones to use that allows cake decorators to really get those smooth edges especially near the base of the cake. If you have been getting lackluster results from your cake decorating efforts, a raised cake decorating turntable may offer you just the right solutions.

Locking turntables

Locking turntables are great for precise applications. Once you have already placed the fondant on the cake and you want to add in lots of details, a locking turntable makes sure the cake doesn’t go anywhere.

With so many advantages to using a cake decorating turntable, it makes perfect sense to choose this handy tool for all of your cake decorating needs.

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