There are two common options in landscape lighting used on both residential as well as commercial property. These two different lighting considerations include the use of halogen bulbs or LED landscape lighting.

While both are an improvement in light quality and energy efficiency over traditional types of outdoor lighting, the LED bulbs and fixtures offer advantages over the halogen lights.

To understand the difference, here is a summary of the benefits of LED landscape lighting as compared to the halogen bulbs. The single biggest factor sighted is always energy efficiency, with the LED bulbs offering a substantial advantage. However, there other options to consider as well that just add to the perks.

This energy efficiency, in turn, results in lower electrical bills even when the lights are used as dusk to dawn lights on a daily basis. Lower electrical use is also environmentally friendly as well, which is an important concern for many property owners.

Light Quality and Amount

LED lights are rated on lumens, which is a measure of bright light produced by the bulb. Sizing is very easy as the higher the number lumens, the brighter the light. At the same time, bulbs are available in cool, neutral and warm light options. Cool light has a slight blue tint while warm light a very faint yellow tint while neutral is a natural light.

Long Life Cycles

It is not uncommon for LED landscape lighting to last for years without the need to ever change a bulb. The typical landscape lighting will be in operation about 8 hours per day, which means that it will take about 17 years to reach the 50,000-hour rating for most of these bulbs.

The more people understand the benefits of LED lighting for landscaping, security and aesthetic purposes, the more evident it becomes that these are the ideal solution to any outdoor lighting needs.

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