Competition leotards are exciting, but gymnastics workout leotards are what you’ll be wearing day in and day out for all of those long practices. Sure, the competition is the performance that matters the most, but practice is the part of the sport that will take up the most of your life. Needless to say, you want a practice leotard that is comfortable and durable, but you also want to make sure you’re ready to wear that competition leotard. So, what type of fabric should you get your practice leotard in? You have many options, so narrowing it down before you start shopping is probably a good idea.


Lycra is by far the most popular choice for practice leotards. Lycra material is stretchy and comfortable, and offers full coverage with no worries while you’re practicing. The material also works for all figure types, as it stretches in different ways to accommodate whatever different shapes it is put on. Lycra leotards also tend to be pretty inexpensive, which is a plus, especially in a practice setting. However, Lycra is not commonly used for competition leotards, as it is rather difficult to decorate. Therefore, training in nothing but Lycra can result in being disoriented or uncomfortable when you have to wear a different fabric for the actual competition. It’s great to have some Lycra leotards in your collection, just make sure you practice enough in your competition fabric that it won’t come as a surprise on the day of.


Spandex is another readily available fabric for practice leotards. It is a little less forgiving than Lycra, but still has plenty of stretch room and flexibility. Since it is a little stiffer, it can be a better simulation of competition leotards, but is still difficult to decorate for competition. However, it is worth going for spandex over an actual competition material, as it also tends to be less expensive.

If you are a competitive gymnast, chances are you are practicing quite frequently, so it is probably a good idea to have more than one practice leotard. Mixing different types of fabrics will ensure that you don’t become to accustomed to one type of leotard, and are adaptable to competition clothing.

Gymnastics workout leotards are a vital part of any gymnast’s daily life, so getting comfortable ones that fit well is extremely important. Preparing for competition is about more than just the training.

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