Gain some handy tips and insider knowledge when you shop for fabric. Check out this list for what you need to know.

Find the right store

It can be tough to find the right one when there are slews of options you can choose from. With plenty of fabric stores online in Canada, you have a wide range of picks to consider.

Check out the inventory

Pay a visit to fabric stores online in Canada with extensive inventories. Limited options might not give you the fabrics you want. A wide range of choices, on the other hand, makes it easy for you to shop for the fabrics you need.

Visit regularly

Look for shops that upgrade their inventories with new products regularly. That way, you can keep an eye out for new items, some of which may be on your wish list.

Consider what you need

If you’re making a Halloween costume that’s only going to get worn a time or two, then you can probably get by using cheap fabrics. However, if you want something that’s going to last, then use quality fabrics since these will perform much, much better. Considering the time you’ll put into the project, it may pay to go for high-quality and well-constructed fabrics anyway, the Diary of a Quilter says.

Know what you like

You’ll have an easier time shopping for fabric when you’ve got a clear idea of what you like. Check out bolts that appeal to you. Those picks should serve as a guide so you can scroll around and buy your way through the inventory.

Wash those blacks and reds

If you’re going to use deep reds and blacks for your project, it’s best that you get these washed beforehand. That way, you can catch the excess colors if they run.

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