If you are newly pierced, you likely left the shop with a sheet of information about how to care for your piercing and what to expect, you also very likely can’t wait until you can start changing out your piercing jewelry. While it is fine to shop for all the piercing jewelry you want, it is important to wait that recommended period before you switch out the jewelry.

Little Known Facts

When you pierce certain areas of your body, the healing process can be long. While the initial healing will happen rather quickly, it is important that you choose jewelry that is high quality for at least the 6 months following your piercing. The initial healing will prevent most infection, but low-quality jewelry that is not made from the right materials can still cause issues long after the initial healing period. For example:

  • Moving down to a smaller gauge will make the piercing hole smaller in the first few months. The tissue will compensate for the space which means it will be more difficult to go up in gauge size again.
  • In most cases (unless it is your ears) if you leave the piercing out for too long, getting the jewelry back in can be a challenge.
  • Cheap metal jewelry that is loaded up with alloys can be an allergen and cause an adverse reaction forcing you to let the hole close.

Clean, Clean and Clean

During the first few days it is important that you keep the piercing site free of oils, lotions, even soap build up. Keep it clean and dry. Before you switch out jewelry for the first time you should make sure that you clean the new jewelry with alcohol just to be on the safe side. Of course, you want to make sure the jewelry comes from a trusted source like Bodyjewelry.com!

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