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Ear Stretching Then and Now

Though it is recently gaining mainstream popularity, the art and practice of ear stretching have been around for a very long time. This is a custom that can be traced back to both men and women in indigenous cultures like those found in The Americas, Asia, Europe,

What Are Cabochons Earrings?

Cabochon stones are a nearly flat stone that is highly polished with a smooth surface. They don’t require faceting, which means they look sleeker and more beautiful than others. They are prominently found in many European cities but are rarely found on Australian women. However, you could

Surprise your love with a diamond engagement ring

Marriage is a major undertaking that is not to be entered into lightly. It is important to know the person you are marrying very well before you make that type of decision. However once you know you have found the sweetheart you would like to spend the

Why Custom-Made Engagement Rings Are An Excellent Choice

Every single love story is personal and unique. The ring you present to your new fiancé should be just as unique. Whether a particular song was playing when you two met, or a certain smell reminds you of her, every couple has an interesting story. Your diamond

Should You Clean Your Diamond Earrings?

Being worried about cleaning your black diamond earrings is not uncommon. You would not wish to cause damage or cause an accident while ensuring that your earrings are perfectly clean. Because they are worn and out in the open, they are going to attract the same dirt

Mens Gold Chains Never Go Out of Style

Not all men are into jewelry and some opt for a “plain look” and may not wear any jewelry at all. Perhaps they don’t want to appear “flashy” or draw too much attention to themselves. However, mens gold chains can attract the right kind of attention and

Insights on Diamond Pendants and White Gold Jewelry

Choosing a diamond pendant for your love is an important choice. It’s likely that this new necklace will be one she will wear frequently, so it needs to be versatile enough to wear both with more casual and more formal outfits. Here are some tips to help

Why Discount Diamond Rings Can Help You Get Married Sooner

Marriage is an incredibly powerful thing. It’s a union between two people who care for and love each other, and who want to swear before their friends and families to love each other “’til death do them part”. A wedding is a beautiful event, but many couples

Learn How To Sell Your Unwanted Gold In Long Island

If you’re like most people, you have unwanted gold in your jewelry box that you would like to sell on Long Island. It could be something that was given to you by an ex or something you just don’t wear anymore. Instead of letting it sit there,

Tips for Buying Jewelry from a Hamptons Jeweler

Many individuals meander into any jewelry store they see to browse and buy a piece for themselves or a loved one without knowing a single thing about the piece they bought or the Hamptons jeweler they bought it from. Everyone wants to get the best piece for