One of the fastest growing trends in the baking industry is cake pops. These pops made from cake can be fully customized for any event and are easy to serve, making them the ideal addition to any type of party. If you’re ready to get started making these delicious pops for your next event, it’s important to make sure you are choosing the right cake pop pan.


First and foremost, you need to decide which size you want your cake pops to be. The standard size is among the most popular because this size is ideal for a nice dessert for everyone at your event. However, if you will be serving other treats or your cake pops are intended to be more decorative than anything, the mini cake pops can be the ideal solution. Mini pops are also a good choice if you are feeding them to smaller children or you want people to try a vast array of cake pop flavors.


While you can decorate your cake pops any way you choose, you may want to invest in a cake pop pan that creates pops in a variety of shapes. The round cake pops are easy to decorate with frosting in a variety of colors, as well as some designs, but if you want your pops to truly shine, consider buying pans that will create stars, squares or any number of other shapes. The shapes can help you better reflect the theme of the event and are sure to be a hit among your guests.

Before you get started making cake pops for your next party, you will need to purchase a cake pop pan or two to help you make them. Before you buy just any pans, make sure you are considering the intent of your pops and the theme of your party so your cake pops will best complement the reason for your event.

If you are ready to buy cake pop pans, visit the NY Cake website to find a variety of pans and accessories to make baking cake pops easy.

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