T-shirt printing services are becoming more and more common. Many people consider the design on their T- shirt as a major part of their personality. For instance, you may want to put on a T- shirt of your favorite football team. You may want to get a custom print of a famous design on your T- shirt. Custom T- shirt printing is quite old.

However, it used to be very expensive previously. However, there are many printing methods in use today. If you want to get a T shirt printed, one of the most reliable methods is to opt for custom heat transfer printing. Many T- shirt printing companies offer customized printing services. Heat transfer printing is just one of the many methods used for printing the design on the shirt. Here’s how it works:

The Basics

The basic concept of custom heat transfer printing is quite simple. Primarily, it is the application of heat applied materials to certain items, known as substrates (the article of clothing, such as a T- shirt to be printed) by using a heat press. The heat applied materials have a very strong adhesive on one side. This adhesive is sensitive to heat.

Hence, when the heat is applied to the substrate using a heat press, the material sticks to the substrate. Once the application is complete, the end result is a document that has been decorated with the design. Heat printing is very cost- effective, and is one of the best ways for business owners to enter the garment decoration industry.

The Important Components

There are three very important components that must be kept in mind when decorating with a heat press. These components include time, pressure and temperature. Depending upon the heat transfer material in use, these instructions may vary.

Time: This is the total amount of time for which the heat applied material must be pressed on the garment.

Temperature: This is the optimal degree of temperature at which the material must be applied to the garment in order to ensure that it adheres properly.

Pressure: The heat press is equipped with a pressure gauge. You can tinker with it in order to find the optimal pressure at which the garment must be pressed.

Custom heat transfer printing is done with the help of a heat press. A heat press is a relatively expensive piece of machinery, but you will have to consider many things. For instance, the size of the work space will determine whether you purchase a compact heat press or a full sized heat press. Production quantities will also impact your decision; heavy duty presses can handle more printing orders in one go.

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