No matter the weather or the time of year, a short sleeve knit top is a fashion staple. They are usually available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles to suit everyone’s tastes. Knit tops use several different fibers to make t-shirts, polo shirts and sweaters and almost everyone has some of these tops in their closet or dresser drawers.

Fibers Used for Knit Tops

Most knit tops usually contain two different fibers woven together the make the fabric that is used to make knit tops. The most common fibers in a knit top are cotton, polyester or the two in a blend. Other fibers that may be used in a knit top include silk, rayon and lyocell. Lyocell and rayon are fibers that help add softness and luster to casual knit tops.

Nylon is also present in knit tops to help provide strength to the fabric and spandex is often present to allow the fabric to stretch well and then bounce back so it stays in shape. Spandex is also found in the neck and sleeves of knit shirts to keep them in good condition and not stretch out.

Why Fiber Content Matters

When you’re buying a short sleeve knit top, you can find out which fibers are in the shirt by checking the tag. You may see terms like “combed cotton,” “cotton Lisle,” “Pima cotton,” etc. This will tell you if the fibers are from high quality cotton, which will affect both the price and the quality of the garment buy nightwear online,. Knit tops made from high quality cotton are going to last longer, but you might pay a little more for them.

Pima cotton is a very high-grade cotton from the southwestern United States. Many quality polo shirts are made from Pima and the fabric is soft and smooth. It is also used in making lightweight cotton sweaters. Combed cotton is a process in which the cotton comes out smooth and retains only the best and longest cotton fibers.

Some of the highest quality cotton clothing uses either Lisle or long-staple cotton. Lisle is a jersey that is made from using two ply combed cotton fibers and it produces a very soft, smooth and good quality fabric. More high-end garments containing cotton usually has “long staple” cotton in them, which is a very smooth cotton.

Knit tops add both comfort and style to your wardrobe. Since cotton is easy to dye, you will find a short sleeve knit top in almost any color and pattern. Whether it is stripes, block colors or screen printed, you will enjoy this classic garment throughout the year. Knit tops go well with jeans, slacks and even skirts for a more casual look.

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