Factory second mattresses in Worthington, OH area, are entirely different than second-hand mattresses. These are new products that have some minor flaw or that were used as floor models in a store. In some cases, manufacturers expected better sales for a certain model. Now there is an overstock. For these reasons, consumers can buy the products at a significant discount.

Why Buying Used Is Inadvisable

Some Ohio residents consider buying a used mattress because that’s a really cheap option. For several reasons, this is generally inadvisable.

Cleanliness Issues

Cleanliness should not be an issue if the person is buying from any retail outlet. Ohio has strict laws about specific procedures for the cleaning and sanitization of used bedding, including mattresses. Buying one through a social media marketplace or at a yard sale, however, provides no guarantee of how thoroughly the product was cleaned.

Wear and Tear

It’s impossible to know whether the previous owners routinely turned the mattress as manufacturers recommend. That could mean uneven wear. It’s also impossible to know whether kids used the bed as a trampoline.

No Warranty

Factory second mattresses in Worthington, OH, come with a warranty, but used ones do not. Minor flaws do not decrease the longevity of the product. Manufacturers have no hesitation about offering a standard warranty for these items. This creates a win-win situation for the company, the stores and the consumers. The businesses earn revenue and the buyers save money.

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