Have you ever wondered how if your used rain umbrella might have other uses? Perhaps you have thought about upcycling your it to avoid throwing it out when it has broken or lost its pizzazz for you. As with most of the things that conspicuous consumers tend to throw out without a second thought, there are plenty of uses for these, so long as they are in the hands of creative thinkers.

Mini Winter Gardens

Innovative gardeners often look to well-constructed household items as frames for small greenhouses or cold frames. Your old umbrella can be converted by simply removing the fabric completely and replacing it with a carefully added layer of plastic sheeting or cellophane kitchen wrap. Once the transparent shield is in place, brace the umbrella in the soil to raise it above the garden. The height can be adjusted to fit the needs of the plants grown beneath it.

Whimsical Bird Feeders

What could be cuter than an umbrella hanging upside down and covered with twittering, flittering birds? Suspending a brightly colored rain umbrella from a rope that is high enough to make it hard for cats and other predators to reach and filling it with a thin layer of birdseed creates a whimsical focal point in your favorite garden spot. Be sure to cut drainage holes to help ensure water will not stand within it.

Interesting Décor

Few things are more eye catching than an attractive designer umbrella. Displaying one to a few of your favorite oldies is a great way to create a stunning look for your bedroom or dorm room. In homes with high ceilings, the best way to do this is to simply hang strings from the ceiling and tie the end of each to a vibrant specimen. Differing the lengths of the strings and the widths of the umbrellas will help to enrich the effect.

Door or Wall Sconce

A partially opened rain umbrella can be attached to your door or wall and fashioned to hold elegant fresh cut or silk flowers for a stunning effect. The live flowers you use can be made to last longer if you line the inside of the sconce with plastic or insert long, lightweight plastic vases. If you want to get really creative, you can paint the outside of the umbrella to share a festive theme or match the rest of your design scheme.

It would be a shame to discard a well-loved umbrella if there is still more use to be had from it. Finding innovative ways to put yours to work should help to brighten even the dreariest of days. Click Here.

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