Does the idea of owning a quad sound exciting? There are a number of people who want to own a quad, but do not have the finances to purchase a new one. This leaves them with the option of finding the best Used Quads in Tucson for purchase.

Some tips that should be considered if you are shopping for a used quad are highlighted here. You may want to use this list when you are shopping, to ensure that you are not in store for any unexpected surprises after you have made a purchase. If you find a seller with a quality quad up for sale, they should have no issue with you using the checklist.
Remember that you will be purchasing a machine that is used, which means it will not be in “like new” condition.

Stand the quad up on the rear grab bar. This puts it in the ideal position to inspect the undercarriage for any type of damage or dents.

Carefully look at the frame carefully, especially near the intersections of the frame components and A-arm mounts for any rust, which is typically a sign of stress cracks and will have to be repaired.

On the 4 by 4 quads, be sure to inspect the CV joint boots carefully. They need to be in great condition. Any tears or cracks will allow dirt and water to enter, causing the need for expensive repairs.

If it is possible, you should remove the rear and the front differential inspection plugs. Be sure that the gear lube does not look similar to chocolate milk, which is an indication it has become contaminated.

Also, check the quad’s engine oil for contamination.
Use a flashlight to look into the gas tank for any signs of rust, which can create carburetor issues.
If you are interested in purchasing Used Quads in Tucson, visit the CSA Super Store. Here you will find a wide array of quality products to choose from. Going here will make the purchase of a used quad simple, efficient and most importantly fun, providing you peace of mind that your quad will be running great for years to come.

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