If you have an overabundance of Designer Shoes in New York City and want to make room for new items, it can be heart breaking to simply toss your beloved foot wear away. Luckily, you can turn them into cash, and make it easier to get the new designs that you want. If you have never used a consignment store in the past, you may not be aware of what is involved when you are ready to sell your unwanted items. Before you decide if this is a good option for you, keep reading. Below is an overview of what you can expect when you choose to sell your shoes for cash. Get the money you need to update your wardrobe by selling the shoes that you no longer need.

Initial Valuation and Inspection

The first step the store will conduct is a thorough inspection of your items and a value assessment. They will search for any imperfections that could keep the shoes from selling, and may refuse them if they are not in good condition. While they know they are buying used items, shoes with excessive wear are not likely to sell and can clog up their inventory.

Written Offer for Consignment

Once they have a value placed on your shoes, they will present you with a consignment contract that explains how much they feel they can receive for the shoes, and how much of the sale price they keep for themselves. This contract will also allow you to choose a minimum amount that you are willing to accept for them, so you can rest assured you will get what you deserve.

Sale of Goods and Payment to Seller

Once your Designer Shoes in New York City have sold, you will receive your payment. Most stores will issue you a check within 24 hours of the sale. It’s important to understand the payment details of your contract, so you aren’t surprised by any holds or delays associated with receiving your payment. If you are ready to turn your unwanted and unworn items into cash, take them to A Second Chance Designer Resale Boutique. They only accept high end products, so you will know that you will receive the highest price possible for the items in your closet. Call them today or visit their site to learn more and get the cash you need for your new designer items as quickly as possible.

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