In the 1950s, fashion made a major change. Previously, fashion focused on the bodies of thin models, like infamous model Twiggy, boasting that a thin frame was the look to be desired. However, when celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren stepped on the scene, many men took note of their hourglass figure. Designers started to accommodate women that have more weight on their body, showcasing plus-size women and figures across billboards and magazine spreads. As pin up models and clothing gained popularity, fashion finally began to make room for a thicker body type, which gave women then and now more confidence. Thus, the demand for plus-size dresses began.

Body Positive

The part about pinup clothing is the lack of exclusion among any body type. Pinup style focuses on sex appeal, urging women to flaunt what they have got. Many plus-size and curvy women could not previously find styles to meet their body type, forcing them to wear shapeless dresses and outfits. However, pinup style focuses on showing off your waist, balancing the outfit with your wide hips and voluptuous breasts. Not only was the change great for heavier women, but it also allowed petite figures to feel seductive and sexy, encouraging women to find themselves attractive.

Shows Off Curves

Pinup clothing helps to give balance to your figure, bringing attention to the contrast between the slender look of your waistline and the width of your hips and breasts. By focusing on the narrower part of your body, you make your body appear smaller than it is, while enhancing the curve of your torso. This balance soon became the most coveted body type, reminiscent of the figures of Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot.

Gives Confidence and Sex Appeal

While women of today are slowly becoming more proud of their figures, women of the 1950s did not have the same confidence, before pinup styles began. This new look gave women the ability to feel great about their bodies, which has only enhanced the security women have today about their bodies. Without pinup fashion, plus-size dresses would still be in the form of a muumuu, or other shapeless styles.

Clothing Today

Pinup dresses have changed the look of fashion forever, making it more socially acceptable for women to have a curvy figure, rather than trying to fit into a slender mold. Plus-size women everywhere are able to feel confident and sexy, rather than feeling the need to hide their width. However, the ability to give any slim or full figure sex appeal is perhaps the best way that pinup fashion has impacted the culture of today.

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