Being a rookie to airsoft game play doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are a few tips to help you out:

1. Never play without eye goggles, says the Airsoft Dome. Pellets as well as flying debris can get into your eyes and end up giving you long-term problems with your eye sight if you aren’t careful.

2. Always use protective clothing—from head to foot—whenever you head out to a game or training session. Train or play while keeping yourself safe.

3. Spring-powered guns are the go-to choice for many beginners. Don’t try to move on to more advanced weapons until you’ve gotten the hang of spring-powered guns. Buying a complicated gun might just frustrate you to no end and derail your progress. When you don’t know what to pick, go with a spring gun.

4. Playing sniper? Make sure you’ve get enough practice with your BB sniper rifles. Practice makes perfect and that’s more true than ever for snipers. If you want to develop your hawkeyed shooting skills, then practice—a lot.

5. Don’t forget your knee pads. This is an excellent idea especially if you’re going to be crawling around on the ground or doing a lot of crouching as you try to move stealthily enough to avoid detection and getting shot at.

6. Look for a gun warranty. Your rifles don’t come cheap so look for a warranty. This way, you can take your guns back for repairs whenever necessary.

7. Clean your gun after every single time you use it. Proper cleaning and maintenance will help your guns last longer. If you want to keep your guns with you for years, performing at peak levels, then make sure you take their maintenance seriously.

8. When it comes to maintenance, don’t try and tinker with the gearbox yourself. Ask a pro to clean it for you.

9. Carry only as much as you need. Lugging around too many accessories can bog you down and compromise your speed, making you an easy target. Don’t turn yourself into a sitting duck. Carry only what you need during the game play and leave everything else behind.

10. Know what works for you. Some carry grenades, some don’t. You don’t have to follow anyone’s rules on these but your own. So see if it works for you or not and go from there.

With these tips, you’ll be Airsoft-ready in no time!

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