Coins have a way of showing us a bit about our past history. Some of the oldest and rarest can be as beautiful as many pieces of art in any museum in the world. Not only are gold and silver coins profitable, but copper and nickel coins are as well. Coins do not just have value because of the material they are made of. They can be valuable just because of when they were made or their place in history. Also do not forget the sentimental value that people place on them.

Not All Coins Can be judged by Their Looks

One of the tips that a reputable dealer who sells coins in Chicago would give is not to clean or polish your coins. Believe it or not, the older and more battered a coin looks may actually add to its value. Coins are graded by their condition, which has nothing to do with the cleanliness by the way, and is based on a series of letters:

* About Good =AG
* Good=G
* Very Good = VG
* Fine =F
* Very Fine=VF
* Extra Fine=XF
* Almost Uncirculated=AU

An appraiser will get into subcategories of uncirculated coins. As you can see this can be a sizable undertaking and you need to be quite careful to deal with a trustworthy and well-known dealer in this business.

Some Facts about Proof and Mint Sets

An established dealer will also be interested in and be willing to appraise proof and mint sets. A proof coin is generally kept in a folder and encased. They have a shinier appearance due to being struck twice and will come with a certificate attesting to their authenticity. A mint set is made up of uncirculated coins. Both of these can be valued highly. Visit us at to know more.

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