Protective clothing is not just for Hazmat workers. There is a wide range of industries where clothing that is designed to provide protection from a host of environmental and manmade materials can help to prevent injuries and illnesses. This type of clothing can be mandated in certain industries but it can also be a choice. If you choose to protect yourself from work hazards then you need to have this type of clothing.

Protection from a Wide Range of Hazards

Some of the most likely candidates for protective clothing are:

* People that work around sewage
* People that work around chemicals
* People that work in very dusty environments
* People that work in environments with metal shavings

Of course there is also a wide range of situations where you may not necessarily be required to wear this type of protection but it is a good idea. Working with animals, farming, gardening, painting, sanding, plumbing, pest control and many other situations warrant this type of protection to ensure that you are safe.

People that work with animals whether professionally or recreationally can benefit from having these clothes handy. This clothing protects against coming into contact with the germs you come into contact with when working with animals. Having this added layer of protection can help to make the experiences more enjoyable and safe.

Farming can be messy even if your “farm” is the size of your backyard. Keeping your clothing free of parasites and yard debris is an added layer against germs and disease.

Painting and other DIY activities can get very messy very quickly. Having a layer of protective wear on can reduce the risks that are associated with chemical exposure.

Anyone that works in a medical environment where they come into direct contact with patients or biological waste should also have the protection of specialty clothing.

Unlimited Uses

You may think of these types of garments as exclusive to one or two industries but they really have unlimited potential. Mechanics can use them in the garage to keep petroleum based chemicals from coming in contact with their skin. The list is endless when it comes to who can benefit from this clothing and what industry can be enhanced by the use of this clothing.

MPE offers protective clothing options for a wide range of industries and other uses. Check out what MPE has to offer to keep you safer every day!

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