In many southwestern American cities, elements of the cowgirl look never go out of style. Fringe, suede, cowboy hats, and ponchos are just a few pieces that are constantly in fashion all over the U.S., consistently making appearances on runways and in the latest trendy stores. Fitting some of these elements into one’s personal style can add a fun, wild, or even chic element to an outfit, especially when sticking with the tried-and-true basics. Keeping an assortment of Western pieces in stock is bound to please your customers, and even the most discerning fashionista will surely be adding a few of these pieces to her cart.

Cowboy Boots
When it comes to footwear, few styles are as timeless or ubiquitous as the classic cowboy boot. This style has been dressed up and dressed down over the years, ranging in style from original brown leather to beaded, embroidered, or fringed. Many designers understand the value of adding fresh touches to the classic; Montana West boots, for example, are adorned with everything from Mexican sugar skulls to the American flag, and offered by suppliers like E-Bestchoice Inc. Nowadays, cowboy boots are versatile enough to go with nearly any outfit, regardless of the occasion.

Flirt with Fringe
Elle’s trend report on Western wear highlighted flirty fringes and leather-patched shirts. Fringes can look simultaneously trendy as well as versatile, and can also veer into trendy and classic Bohemian territory. Fringed jackets and skirts can even look dressed up or posh in the right clothing combinations, or with the right accessories. Leather, of course, is a classic material that will never go out of style, and patchwork patterns and decorative elements common in Western style shirts can look classy and downplayed when paired with slacks, or even skirts.

As with any niche fashion style, a full suit of Western wear isn’t exactly ideal. Nevertheless, displaying some mix-and-match combinations of Western pieces and other, plainer styles is bound to get your customers interested in a buy. As Vogue says, knowing how to bring different elements together is key to crafting one’s own person style. Showcasing a fringed skirt with a pair of sneakers, for example, or a pair of cowboy boots with a hippie style or bohemian inspired skirt are sure bets for catching eyes when it comes to your display. Overall, investing in a variety of Western style pieces is bound to be beneficial when it comes to sales and making your customers happy.

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