You don’t have to shop for skin care and beauty products all the way from Korea. There are plenty of beauty products made in the USA that fit your needs and budget. From beauty finds under $25, says Good Houskeeping, to pricier finds, you won’t run out of options to explore and consider. Read on for helpful tips on how to snag these and put them into your online shopping cart:

Know what you need

The best beauty products in the world won’t mean a thing if they aren’t the right one for your skin. So make sure you know what you need. Is your skin dry or oily or maybe a combination of both? Once you know your skin type, you’ll be in a better position to make better shopping choices.

Read the ingredient list

Pricier doesn’t always mean better. Some companies basically sell the same formula with a higher price tag. Don’t be fooled. Always check the ingredient list and compare similar beauty products made in the USA to find a better deal, says Treasured Country Gifts.

Be wary of promises

Stay away from products that make promises they have no way of delivering. While some miracle creams do work, a lot of them don’t. So be sure to do your research. Stay away from creams that tell you they’ll reduce your cellulite in a week or two. These are bogus claims and you should be careful enough not to fall for them.

Test it out first

Don’t slater the beauty products on your face. Test it out on a patch of your skin first. This is an excellent way to prevent breakouts. That’s because even when the items work for other skin types, that’s not a guaranteed that it will work for you, given different body chemistries. So if you don’t want a breakout, test it out first. Your future self will thank you for this handy bit of advice.

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