Cabochon stones are a nearly flat stone that is highly polished with a smooth surface. They don’t require faceting, which means they look sleeker and more beautiful than others. They are prominently found in many European cities but are rarely found on Australian women. However, you could just become a trendsetter if you choose to wear cabochons earrings because you’ll get a stunning look that can be worn with any outfit and used for any occasion. They are simple and elegant, yet profoundly bold, enough to make a statement. Similarly, they can be worn both to run errands, or for a special party.

The goal here is to choose the highest quality stones possible. While most of the stones are going to be tourmaline of various colours, you’ll also find quartz, diamonds, black spinel and black onyx. Because of the methods used to polish and provide the smooth surface, they can be pricier than other items, but your goal is likely to give a gift worthy of your love or stand apart from the crowd. You should also focus on customisation options and choose handmade items because they are going to provide you with the most stunning options imaginable.

For those who prefer to shop online, Natalie Barney offers all of her designs on her website. Everything is made by hand, which ensures quality and beautifully intricate designs. No detail is left out, which guarantees that you are happy with your purchase. Cabochons can be made of many gemstones, including pink tourmaline, so your earrings can also help ward off negative energy and keep your body in balance. They may look simplistic but will help your ears look smashingly beautiful. Cabochons earrings are an excellent addition to any wardrobe because they look smooth, sleek, and will go with almost anything.

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